Automotive & Motorcycle

Automotive & Motorcycle The production of the molds is very expensive and time-consuming, but several tens of thousands to over a million castings can be produced with just one of them As environmental legislation tightens and the pressure is increasing to reduce automotive fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. New greener / eco friendly vehicles must be lighter, so choosing featherweight aluminum instead of heavier steel can make a lot of sense for some components, particularly the large structural parts. That’s why, by 2022, the average car will contain almost 100 extra kilos of aluminum in replacement of heavier components.

We offer die casting OEM products together with ‘‘Sustainable’’ quality is our priority.

• Gearbox Brackets and Cages, Steering Gear Parts
• Oil Pump Bodies, Motorbike Parts
• Alternator End Shields and Heat Sink
• Throttle Housings
• Lighting Heat Sink and Control Units Covers
• Bushings